When You are Called a Bitch

Our family is out today on a lovely outing to Sesame Place. Yes, it is the happiest place in the world… or in the tri-state area. But I swear if Elmo talks to me in the third person and in that whiny Elmo voice, I will punch him right in the face.

As I ran into Wawa to get a ‘few’ things, I came out spending my retirement fund on breakfast, sandwiches and drinks. Anyone who knows Wawa knows you can’t go into that store without spending a small fortune. I go in there and it’s like I have never eaten before. So anyway, $38.00 later, I get back to my car.

I am busy passing out sandwiches and chocolate milk… which is so large by the way, my kids will never poop again. Then I needed to put the sandwiches into the cooler. As I open the trunk, Nicholas leans over the back seat and into the trunk instead of getting his seatbelt on.

I look at him and say… “Nicholas, come on put on your seatbelt. We have to go.” Then he looks at me with that little smile and says “what’s up bitches?”

Ummm… wtf? First off… use proper English. It would be ‘what’s up bitch?’ I guess he needs to learn the difference between one bitch and multiple bitches.
Secondly, it might be time to change my ring tone because it indeed says ‘listen up bitches.’

So yes, I am the model parent with an inappropriate ringtone and a son who doesn’t know the difference between one bitch and multiple bitches.

I guess I should teach him how to tell the difference in bitches before he starts up public school. I don’t want him to stick out by not knowing this information.

So remember the difference. Being called a bitch isn’t just black and white; being called a bitch by your son is black, white and crazy.

Yours truly,

The bitch (not plural)

And this blog entry was dedicated to my fan, Sandra Clev


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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