Let’s talk about idiots…

The other day, Vincent and I were driving home from school. As I am driving down the road, speeding with everyone else, this van comes roaring up from the back.

Now, I could care less if you drive like a maniac because on most days I have to drive like a maniac to get to school on time. But this van starts weaving in and out of traffic and then starts beeping at a car in the left lane.

I get that you need to get through but some people don’t understand that the right lane is for all the slow people and the left lane is for people that are late. However, when you start putting everyone on the road in danger and me and my son… I am going to say something.

So naturally, I called the number on the back of his ‘Got a Wet Basement’ van and I get a guy on the other end that seems hesitant but says he will call the driver.

I get a return phone call back and the man is accusing me of driving too slow in the left lane!

Let’s recap this conversation…

“Ma’am? My driver said YOU were driving too slow in the left lane.” -idiot

“Umm, that wasn’t me. I am in the car behind your workers’ van.” -me

“Oh well he said that the car is driving too slow and that he was upset.” -idiot

“And I get that sir, but your driver is beeping and swerving in and out of traffic and it’s becoming dangerous.” -me

“Well, he said that the lady wouldn’t move over for him…” -idiot

“Actually sir, the driver was MALE.” -me

After that statement, I started to cackle evilly… First off, don’t be an asshole. Your guys are driving like idiots and then you are generalizing the bad driving as 1) me and 2) a female.

I will never call you if my basement is wet. I would rather take a tiny, household sponge and soak up the water and place it in a bucket than call you. Or I guess I could get a wet vac. Either way, your driver is terrible but your attitude is worse.

Yours truly,

A mom who is in a love-hate, but mostly strongly dislike relationship with the wet basement guy and the idiots that work there.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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