Spot the Teacher

So it has been exactly a month since school started- it feels more like a lifetime.

We are going to play a game on today’s blog- it’s called ‘Spot the Teacher.’ I am going to give you clues and you have to find the nearest teacher in your location…

1) look for someone that looks frazzled and just stares into space for long periods of time.

2)is this person talking to themself?

3)look for the person that is overly tired and can’t make it past 9 pm. Even 9 pm is pushing it.

4)it’s 7 pm… is the nearest person to you talking about IEP’s, 504’s and accommodations? Are they confused about chunking? If so, they are not talking about their weight… fyi.

5)whisper the word ‘schoology.’ Does it send this person into panic? Do they start to debate the pronunciation? By the way it’s ‘school-ol-lagy.’

6)can this person hold their pee for obsene amounts of time? Like twelve hours?

7) can they eat a meal at lighting speed, while grading papers and holding a full conversation in under 20 minutes?

8)are they drinking?

9)really… are they drinking…heavily?

10) do they see the mirage… also known as Component V?

11)are they currently burning their Learning Map?

12) is this person a mentor, a therapist, a friend, a professional, a lawyer, a mediator, and a psychic?

If you have spotted all twelve clues, go hug that person because they are a teacher. And buy them a beer because it’s the weekend and they deserve to have a drink or ten.

To all my teachers out there, happy one month… only like eight more to go. Excuse me while I go to bed.

Teaching is hard. It’s not black and white… you have to understand the gray too. And if you are in high school like me, it can also be crazy.

A, B, C… go buy a drink for me.

Yours truly,

An overworked teacher… it’s only been one month


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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