Who Wants to Get Married and Eat Pancakes?

It is no surprise that my children do not understand boundaries. In fact, they don’t even understand personal space.

Personally, I constantly have someone trying to gain access to the bathroom while I am in it; sometimes they gain access and that is the time they want to talk to me. WTF.

Yesterday, Nicholas confessed his love to his brother while Vincent was pooping in the bathroom. It’s like no one can go to the bathroom alone in this house. Nicholas just starts to spill his heart and soul to the bathroom door. “Hey Vincent! I love you. I want to marry you. Then we can get married and sleep in the same bed and kiss each other on the lips because we are married. The we can go to weddings together and be in love!”

Is this my marriage? I mean they have to see it from somewhere… I am glad Joe and I spend our time kissing on the lips and going to weddings.

Meanwhile, I am trying to explain to Nicholas that he can marry whoever he wants but he isn’t allowed to marry his brother. At first he was down trodden but then I saw him looking at wedding magazines so he bounced back… I think he is already planning the big event; I think they are going for a fall wedding.

Then this morning, Emily decided that she wanted to marry ‘Anna’ from ‘Frozen.’ Again, all for it… sure kid. Marry whoever you want. Then I found out she wanted to marry her Anna pancake. Yes, I do make shapes out of pancakes. Normally, they look like blobs but she thinks they are princesses so whatever. So yeah, I heard how much she loved her pancake and wanted to marry it and then she hit us with a bombshell. “Hey mommy and daddy… I want a baby in my belly right now!”  So we are deciding to lock her up until she’s like thirty.

Then later in the morning, Vincent comes screaming down through the kitchen! “Help me! Nicholas is trying to grab my penis and my butt! Heeeeelp!” So naturally I try to stop this craziness and yell back, “Nicholas the only people that are allowed to touch Vincent is mommy and daddy and the doctor. Yeah, the correct answer but it still sounds awkward. Either way, I hope that these incidences do not make it to school on Monday morning.

Our house is seriously one giant personal bubble that the kids just like to continually pop. The boys are planning weddings to each other, trying to touch each other’s butts and Emily is confessing her undying love to pancakes. I can’t wait to have pancake grandchildren.

So Sundays are a day of rest. It’s black and white… rest. Rest and watch football. However in this house the kids are crazy with their love and their pancakes.

Until next time,

The mom that will have pancake grandchildren.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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