Let’s Drink 20 oz of Sprite!

Here are the highlights of bedtime:

1) I may or may not have given Vincent 20 oz of Sprite. The kid has already been diagnosed with ADHD… so… yeah Sprite was helpful.

2) Nicholas fingered my ear and I think he punctured my brain. I didn’t have math and science skills anyway but he definitely poked out short term memory.

3) Emily wanted to put on chapstick and I told her to bring it to me so I could help her. She brought it to me slowly because her pants were down around her ankles.

Is it possible to take the pants off to give yourself more freedom? Emily, maybe you would be more agile and we could go to bed faster?

4) I think it’s super sweet when your child whispers into your ear. You always wait for the I love you moment but Nicholas leaned in and said ‘mommy. I like blood.’ W.T.H.

5) Vincent had 20 oz of Sprite… just wanted to mention that again and he decided that it was best to tackle everyone. He drop kicked Nicholas.

6) Nicholas went to get dressed but thought it would be better to stick his butt in his brother’s face. He usually farts which is awkward because everyone’s mouth is usually open.

7) Emily told us she had to brush her hair. I took this as a teachable moment to show her how to flip her hair and tell everyone she is ‘fabulous and smart.’

8) We played poker tonight, like every night. I looked at Emily and she was bending a 6 of hearts over her ‘my little pony.’ I think she was using the card as a cape.

Umm hello? The pony has wings… it doesn’t need a cape. I’m just making an observation.

9) I sang Emily ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ and she pulled her eye lids down and said… ‘see my blood?’ Seriously. What is up with the blood in this family? Are we vampires? It does explain why they never sleep.

10) Emily had a nightmare. She was in bed for approximately three minutes. Apparently, Elsa and Anna were standing at the end of her bed staring at her.

Ok… I’m confused. Isn’t this every little girls dream? I would have put on a scarf and asked her to build me a damn snowman.

So yes. You are all over there snuggling in your blanket and watching Thursday night football… we are trying to survive farts, drop kicks and the invasion of Frozen characters because are kids are crazy.

Until next time,



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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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