Only Another Twenty-Seven Years…

Embarrassing moments today:

1) I had my Photography I students develop film for the first time. Yes… film tank and all.

I literally explained all the tools needed and how important the tank was to keep the film protected and light tight.

Don’t you know one kid raised their hand to tell me that they opened their film with their bare hands and ‘now what do I do?’

First off… one of the tools is can opener. Not bare hands. Second… the tank keeps the film from being exposed to the light.

Were. You. Listening. To. My. Directions?

2) Next period same lesson. One student got all of the film inside the tank without incident. Yay.

First step of film processing: pre-wet the film inside the tank for one minute. Which means fill your light tight container with water.

I come over to the students table and their bin is gone that holds all of the chemicals so we don’t have a chemical spill. Here is our conversation:

‘Uhh… why are all your chemical containers on the table and where is your bin?’ -me
‘I’m doing the pre-wet.’ -student
‘Yeah but where is your bin? You need it so the chemicals don’t spill.’ -me
‘I’m doing the pre-wet.’ -student
‘W.H.E.R.E?’ -me
‘At the sink.’ -student

I look over and she is pre-soaking the bin. The bin! The binnnnnnn! You are supposed to pre-wet the tank that holds your freaking film!

3) Another student in another class was making a photograph and they couldn’t decide on the time. I tried to help and then I finally yelled ‘listen to mommy!’


4) I went to get Nicholas and Emily at school. I come out and Vincent is walking in the parking lot like he took a bad ride on a large horse. The kid is screaming, ‘I peed! I peed!’

Wtf? What is happening? I had to strip the kid and he rode home totally naked… his junk just flapping in the breeze.

5) Meanwhile, the kids made up this awkward song ‘I poop… then I eat it… then I throw it up! Then I have diarrhea!’ Eww. What the hell?

6) Emily keeps telling me that she hates me and she hates this house. She has been crying for her teacher instead. It makes me so angry that I have to do the laundry in order to pack her bags. I don’t have time to do laundry.

7 -10) I am having an OCD moment because I can’t get to ten so this last one is seven through ten. To all those out there suffering from OCD… you’re welcome.

I literally teach black and white film photography but I want you all to know that I am also crazy.

Affectionately yours,

Photo Goddess

Here is a plug… find my page on Facebook and Instagram. I called my business ‘Allison Iannone Photography.’ Creative I know. Now go like my page so I can have some feeling back in my brain from the mind numbing day.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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