Special Moments with Joe

I have had some really hard moments over the last couple of days.

This morning Joe and I were just waking up and he was holding me and he asked me how I was doing. I spilled my guts and told him how hard things were and how depressed I was. And he was so supportive and just listened to me talk.

Then I turned to my loving husband and said ‘what are you thinking about?’ And he was looking far off into the morning light and said ‘I am actually singing the theme song to Caillou in my head…’

Yup ladies… he’s all mine.

Until next time,

I’m all-la-sin… that’s me!


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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