The Bitter Population

Yup. There is a surprising number of bitter people out there. Mostly they are bitter towards teachers. I am a teacher so I can call the rest of you bitter. I teach Photography to high schoolers. Did you hear that? High school, although I love it. However, I hear a lot of anger from other people…

1) “Oh gee… you get summers off. That must be nice…”

Listen asshole. I get summers off because I need to take a break, otherwise there may be bloodshed. Jesus, I already go to therapy- why do you think that is? And do I really get summers off if I have my three kids at home? No. No I don’t because I am getting milk and juice and watching freaking Caillou.

2) “So you work from like 7:30 am till like 2:30 pm. Must be nice to be finished that early.”

Yup, you idiot. I leave at 2:30 pm but only if I am on fire. I work everyday till like 4:30 pm and sometimes on the weekends. And if I do leave at 2:30 pm, I am going to sit at Starbucks to do my work because I would rather spend $4 on a cup of coffee to do my work than stare at the blank walls of my school.

3) “Oh, you teach photography. It must be nice to take pictures all day.”

Yes, you idiot. It is nice.

4) “Snow days? I still have to go to work. It barely snowed.”

And this one is one of my favorites because the bitter person in this point is my husband… and the rest of the world.

Here was our conversation yesterday:

“You actually have a two hour delay? Maybe the school district in town has off because there is frost on the rooftops.” -Joe

“Listen. I had a dream that I was driving to school and I skidded off the road and rolled the car. And you don’t know how much it snowed at my school because we are down south.” -me

“Oh. You had a dream and that’s why you have the two hour delay?” -Joe

“You know when Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, nobody told him that his dream was stupid.” -me

“Yeah, well that’s because his dream didn’t stink.” -Joe

So yeah people are bitter towards teachers. Whether it’s snow or summers or work time… people are just bitter about our lives. This is our whole life… I don’t make the rules but I tell you what, you may be bitter assholes but I guess I chose the right profession. Summers off, getting out early and snow delays; oh and I forgot to mention the amazing pay. Oh wait. We don’t get that.

Until next time,

A teacher who puts liquor in her hot chocolate on snow days because she can.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

One thought on “The Bitter Population”

  1. Let’s also think about the numerous regulations that we must adhere to, the constant investigation of our abilities by the government, and the horrid parent phone calls about how we must not be doing our job because a student who doesn’t care is not doing well. Or how about the kids that will cuss you out because you ask them to take a hat off and you can’t do anything because you are the adult. Or how about the countless extra hours if grading g we do because we need to make sure kids know how they are doing or the meetings we attend to hear what we aren’t doing right because students just don’t care anymore.
    That’s right…it’s all our fault and how dare us for having summers off (where we still plan for the next year, attend pd, and think about what we can do to engage the modern student). Lol I’m bitter as the teacher 🙂

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