Welcome to the Holiday Inn

We have a king size bed and we bought this bed for one reason: so Joe and I could sleep in it. Now, our kids are at the age where they have a bad dream and want to crawl into our bed. I guess we provide comfort as we are passed out from a hard days work, making dinner and making three nutritious jelly sandwiches for the next days lunch; plus my sleep medication doesn’t help with me being more responsive.

Being a parent is exhausting but can’t my kids just roll over after a bad dream and sleep in their own bed? Grab a stuffed animal or something? Stare at the ceiling? Count some sheep? So many options…

The other night, I rolled over because you know, we have a king sized bed and I am free to roll in my own bed. But the other night, I rolled over and hit something hard with my knee. Yeah, it was Emily. I kneed her right in the face. I didn’t even know she was in my bed; but yet, I kneed my kid square between the eyes. Which I guess was ok because I had to use the restroom anyway but have you ever tried to hurdle your giant body over a three year old, after ankle surgery, a concussion and not wearing glasses? It’s not easy. I should be an Olympic Pole Vaulter.

Vincent has also been crawling into our bed because he keeps having bad dreams about monsters. I think he just wants to be in the king sized bed but he is not booking our room properly because it is already occupied by TWO other people… me and Joe. God… look on our website before you assume there is room at the inn.

Finally, last night was the end point for me. I was passed out because the concussion is still exhausting and the sleeping medication knocks me out, and Vincent climbed into our bed without me knowing. Of course I woke up and naturally, I was spooning my seven year old. Awkward… especially when you think you are spooning your husband. Then, at 3:00 am, Emily comes in to sleep in our room. This bed is already occupied by THREE people.

Geez… I had to have Vincent check out before the usual 7:00 am time and I don’t think he appreciated the 3:00 am abrupt check out… he didn’t even get the complimentary breakfast. So now, I have Emily in bed and that kid is pretty still when she sleeps; thank God. However, when I keep hitting myself in the face because I think therr are bugs on me, things get frustrating. I hate bugs but thankfully, it was just her hair that was brushing my face. Now I know how Joe feels when he spoons me… it’s terrible.

So in conclusion, Joe and I are going to launch some kind of website where the kids can book our room and king sized bed. However, it is going to be like when you use your air miles. Everything is going to be booked and the only openings are going to be at inconvenient times, like when they are at school. Oh well, it’s my bed.

Until next time,

I just took a four and a half hour nap from the exhaustion of handing out key cards to our room and letting people know what time breakfast starts.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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