Teacher Summer Countdown

Let’s get real. My teacher friends and I have been counting down the days till summer 2016 since August. At one point, 181 days was labeled on my window as a countdown but then slowly was neglected at the shear fact that we still had 181 working days till summer. Depressing especially when it was only September and we start at 188 working days…

But now here we are in mid-May and fast approaching summer so let me tell you what teachers are actually thinking in these last few teacher days…

1) my dearest students, you better hurry because your deadlines are fast approaching and the odds are not in your favor.

2) kids, we all know you checked out in March or had a bad case of senioritis while being a sophomore but we have been waiting for summer since the last summer. We have it worse than you- and do you know why? Because most of us are serving twenty years to life in this school environment.

3) oh, you hate the fact that I put you in assigned seats for the last eight days in a high school class? Oh me too… well, not really, I think it’s hilarious.

4) my GAF’s are gone… they might possibly return in late August but it’s highly doubtful.

5) are you seriously asking me for a pencil? It’s May.

6) I love when you ask me if we can watch a movie. When you ask me, it’s like I am watching a real life comedy right in front of me. I just laugh and laugh… it’s school not a Saturday night. I expect you to work until the last possible day. But haha, you’re funny.

7) No. You can’t text your mom during class. Tell her you are phone free till 2:25pm. Otherwise I’m going to crush your phone into tiny bits, burn it and make smores with the burning flames.

8) Yeah, I did give you an extra project because you weren’t doing your regular ones. I know it’s tedious and probably mind numbing but if you did your work the first time, you wouldn’t have extra work to ‘keep you busy.’ And I’m not going to say I enjoyed the look on your faces when you said ‘how much you hated the project’ and I told you ‘I didn’t know if I was even going to grade it.’ Haha… priceless. Of course, I’m grading it- what kind of question is that? But yeah. That was funny.

9) Yes. You have a final exam.

10) No, I didn’t get my eyebrows done. That was me picking out my eyebrows hair by hair because it feels better than when you ask me if you have a final exam in this class.

Until next time,

Just a teacher living on the edge, waiting to break free in twenty years with good behavior.

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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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