Playland at McDonald’s 

Ok, so here I am at the Playland at McDonald’s. A place where the kids can play and they are basically contained outside in a giant play cage, equipped with netting. I personally think it should be equipped with bars and an electric fence for parents that just need a break but that might just be my opinion.

So here I am writing this blog and my kids are getting on my nerves from afar. 

It started with Vincent barking loudly and deeply at a bird. Except it was next to this poor couple that practically peed their pants while trying to open up their cheeseburgers. These poor people jumped out of their seats and awkwardly stared at my child… I awkwardly stared at him. So yeah, then I had to publicly claim him as my own.

Then it went to my kids screaming through the the microphone thing at another kid. The poor kid was saying ‘hi’ and then waiting for a response. As the little boy was putting his ear up to the microphone, my kids were screaming at a high pitched sound that the dead could still hear and probably busted this kid’s eardrum. In my kids defense, the little boy did this several times and my kids lined up to scream in his ear. Fool him once shame on him, fool him two more times, because I have two more kids… well, you have to learn child.

Now, Vincent is screaming ‘mom’ and it’s really annoying. But the reason it’s so annoying is because I keep saying ‘what’ only to find out that my kids are playing baby and the ‘mom’ is currently Emily.

Yes, my kids can be annoying at a play yard…even outside. Take stock in metal. Between me and Trump’s plans to build a ‘huge wall,’ you will probably make millions. Also, take stock in electric fence stuff… or tazers… I might add that to my stock pile.

Until next time,

I will also invest in earplugs. I am feeling generous so I might give some to the little boy who probably broke his eardrum.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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