Customer Service at its Finest

So my new car needs to be serviced for electrical problems and it needs an oil change. So here I am and I took it to where I bought it. I have been on a waiting list to get a minivan that would fit my many car seats. So I finally got the call today that something was available and no, it wasn’t a bus.

Awwwww… can you hear the angels singing? I did. So much so that I busted ass to go from therapy, to pick up my kids, to drive in rush hour, to get there by 6pm.

All my kids passed out in the car which made the ride more enjoyable as I was speeding down I95. No one was there telling me to obey the laws of the highway.

I finally got to the dealership and the woman was nice and gave me keys to the car. A woman that was picking up her car even offered to carry one of my many car seats to the rental. What a joyous moment! People being nice all around. And then I tried to open the door to my SUV… except it didn’t open. No it sure didn’t… because they didn’t give me an SUV but a compact car. A small compact car to fit all three enormous car seats.

I did the best I could and I thought, well maybe this will work out… even if Emily’s freaking car seat is hanging half way out of the car! 

Wtf people? If I make a reservation because ‘I am a mom and I tell you I need a giant family car’, don’t you think that means…‘I am a mom and I need a giant family car?’ 

So I had to entertain my children in the middle of the parking lot while we waited for Joe to bail us out. And by the way, the car you gave me which is so small, it resembles a matchbox car… sucks.

Thanks for screwing me… and not in a good way. Learn to take a reservation.

Until next time,

You better be detailing my car…


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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