My Slightly Buzzed Observations of the Presidential Debate

1) Why is Trump petting his eyebrow?

2) What is Hillary writing? Joe thinks it’s a letter to Bill… I think she is writing knock-knock jokes.

3) why does Donald purse his lips like that? He is like a teenager trying to take a horrible selfie.

4)  Donald is coming at her man… uh-oh.

5) wow Donald… interrupt much? Shut the fuck up.

6) Lester Holt, is your microphone broken?

7) Wtf is up with Donald asking about the emails- she probably deleted chain emails. Who cares.

8) I can give you a list of banks too… Bank of America, TD Bank, Citizens Bank…

9) Synonyms for tremendous: enormous, immense, colossal, titanic, epic, towering, mighty, giant, vast, jumbo, gargantuan… thank you Trump, pick one.

10) First beer finished at 9:48 pm… longer than I expected.

11) Bad people. What is up with them? Stop being bad and apparently illegal.

12) Law and Order.. not just a TV show anymore.

13) I can’t follow Trump. Following him is like a person with ADHD’s worst nightmare.

14) Trump throws out numbers like that horrible math class you had. You know… where they talked about numbers and  you zoned out.

15) No one gives Trump more credit than Trump. Modesty at its finest.

16) what are you saying about us fat people? I am almost 400 pounds. Now you lost the fat vote Donald.

17) Really Howard Stern is a source you are proud of?

18) Why are you picking a fight with Lester Holt?

19) Is happy camper an ok term to describe a foreign leader?

20) What is a presidential look? Can I get it?

21) If he says hundreds of millions again, I will literally throw up my beer.

22) Can we please stop avoiding the questions? Just answer the damn question.

23) I am glad that they have a fact checker. Like seriously, shouldn’t we be able to trust our future leaders? Haha… ok, that was a joke.

24) I thought Hillary looked great. I thought Trump and his hair looked stupid.

25) Make America Great Again? Donald, you just made America drunk again…

Until next time,

I will meet you back here in October. Maybe a wine and cheese party? 


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

2 thoughts on “My Slightly Buzzed Observations of the Presidential Debate”

  1. Loved your observations- agree totally. Another thing that struck me- he bragged about being n the road while she “chose to stay home”. Yeah to prepare for the debate, fool!!!!!

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