Going Out on Location

I love taking pictures of abandoned places. For some reason it makes me happy and it’s a great distraction when I am in a bad, emotional place.

Today I went to an abandoned tower that ironically was burned down over the weekend. Too little, too late. Literally. There was nothing left but I learned some things on my ‘walk.’

This is what happened to me:

  1. I couldn’t find it, so I was that shady driver that was going up and down the road looking for an abandoned building.
  2. I finally broke down and asked for directions on what the best route was to trespass.
  3. I found out it burned down this past weekend. Son. Of. A. Bitch.
  4. The guy told me to go to the end of the road and it was only a 1/4 mile walk. 1/4 mile my ass. It was like a mile or ten.
  5. I wore flip flops because I just keep my equipment in the car and then randomly decide to shoot. Bad idea.
  6. My flip flops aren’t exactly sturdy and they don’t have a lot of cushion and mud and rocks and dirt and bugs and deadly grass can easily get inside and hurt my feet. I currently have one muddy foot and one bloody foot and I am heading upstairs to therapy.
  7. I was alone. I started sinking in mud… all I could picture was The Never Ending Story, I was drowning in the mud. It was up to my ankles and I lost a flip flop.
  8. My concussion doesn’t allow me to remember things so when a couple told me about a cool graveyard, I went the wrong way and walked another mile loop where there were lots of bugs.
  9. I don’t like bugs. They have multiple eyes and they are still flying and jumping into me. I am a 22o lb woman… can’t you see this body? The space station can see this body… why not bugs?
  10. I literally walked like three miles in the heat, by myself, no sunglasses and in flip flops for like four pictures. Totally not worth it.

Until next time,

Sneakers are a must and bugs can kiss my ass.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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