Thanksgiving ‘Br’ 2016

A recap of Thanksgiving 2016:
1) I have been needing to sleep because I have a new concussion. Yup… cool. 

Anyway. I was woken up by Nicholas saying, ‘mommy, when are you getting up? I think you need to help daddy. He needs help.’ I get downstairs thinking there was a problem and Joe was just massaging his turkey…

2) We decided to have brunch this year so I was in charge of making breakfast… one of the boys was helping me with the bacon. Everything was going well till he jumped off the chair and ran to the bathroom. Then he called me in to tell me that he burned his penis on the electric frying pan. 

First off, this is not my department. Secondly, why did you whip out your penis and place it on the hot pan? Third… how did I not see this incident? And fourth, do I throw out the bacon? I mean, it’s bacon. 

3) I went to Starbucks with my cousins because everyone was running late. I get back and everyone is eating the breakfast part of ‘brunch.’ Then no one wanted lunch. So everyone ate ‘br’ but everyone forgot about ‘unch.’ We have a whole turkey left.

4) Thanksgiving is about family and sangria. I drank the sangria… pretty much the whole thing but there were apples in it so I got my daily dose of fruit with the grapes and apples. I talked mostly to the sangria and expressed my love for it. The sangria was as thankful for me as much as I was for it. 

5) The idea of brunch may be weird to some but our guests were out before 4pm so we win. Naps, the ‘unch’ part of Thanksgiving and early bed for our kids… plus no traveling. So put that in your turkey and smoke it.

Until next time,

Hope you had a good dinner filled with love and turkey. I had ‘br.’


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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