Let’s Make Some Resolutions

So it’s New Years Eve and we all want to see 2016 go for typical reasons. We have lost a lot of icons this year and I am sure some of us lost somebody personally as well but luckily Betty White is still alive and kicking.

Well, what’s your resolution this year? Is it the same as the rest of the world? You want to lose weight, you want to get a promotion, or you want to be a stronger person?

Mine are typical as well but maybe we should challenge each other this year to go further.

Let me share my resolutions with you. The first is to lose weight and overall be healthier for myself and my family. I am the heaviest I have ever been and it’s time to stop making excuses and just do something about it but I want something more than just to be physically healthy; I also want to be mentally healthy.

I’m not going to ever say that my disorder will go away. Being someone that has Borderline Personality Disorder is like someone with diabetes or cancer- you can’t see it but it’s there and it can kill you if you let it. 

I am always going to struggle and most people will never see the inner torment that this disorder causes. My mind is warped with distorted thinking about myself and how others perceive me; I struggle with suicide ideation, I struggle with not knowing who I really am- I struggle with living and you will never know. I wouldn’t want you to even try to understand because my mind is a scary place to be especially when I am alone and thinking. My mind can be very dark and harsh and some moments there is a small glimpse of light; a glimpse of hope; a glimpse of healing.

This year, I want people to recognize the battles of people with mental illness- don’t look at us like we are lesser but look at us a strong people that battle inner demons. Let us get rid of the stigma of mental illness.

This year let’s do something better than we did last year…

This year, I want us to help our fellow man without judgement. Help people on the side of the road by buying them a hot meal or a hot cup of coffee. It’s only a few dollars but it could warm their heart and fill them with hope.

This year, love your significant other more than you did last year. Being together is a lot of work but put forth the work and remember how in love you were that first time you said those three words for the first time.

This year, be a friend. Not just to your regular friends but to those who are hiding from the crowd and are just blending into the background. Bring them out of the background and show them how special life can be living on the edge of being visible to the world around them.

This year, visit your grandparents before they’re gone. Listen to all their old stories from when they were younger. Find out about their lives before you regret not really knowing them at all.

This year, hold your children a little tighter before they are too big for them to let you.

This year, pray for the minority. Pray for black men and women, Muslims, and the LGBQT community.

This year, pray for peace. 

This year, pray for hope.

This year, pray for love.

Until next time,

This year is our year.


Well That was Unexpected. 

Whenever your kids cry you always get worried. You panic and your heart starts to race because you don’t want them ever to feel pain.

However, today, Emily started screaming for what we thought, was because of her brothers, until she came up the stairs to see us. My daughter put an automatic car on her head and pressed the on button and it tied her hair in all the wheels. After much crying and much devastation we had to cut her little hair. What the hell?

Why would you put an automatic car on her head and press the go button? 

That was definitely an unexpected way to start a morning but she got a free haircut. 

Until next time, 

Don’t press go.

So We Lost Some People…

Everyone is so upset that we lost icons like Rickman, Fisher, Ali, Thicke and Bowie.

Why are we all so sad? We should be happy… they wanted to get the hell out before Trump 2017 took over.

Good for them for preboarding and getting the hell out early.

Until next time,

Are you sitting first class or coach?

Ps- this video doesn’t have everyone but I did my best to find something.

Let’s Stop Being Douche Bags

I do my best not to brag when I do a good deed but today’s good deed made me so angry and upset all at once.

There was a man who had up the typical sign that he was homeless and needed help. Car after car whizzed by him or ignored him when they came to a stop. We just had the holidays- we are supposed to be giving and caring at this time yet we are all too busy to actually see another human in need.

Today’s good deed was brought to you by my son. He actually saw the man before I did and asked me if we could get him something to eat. I asked the man what he wanted and it was just a Big Mac from McDonalds; a freaking Big Mac. Seriously, like you all couldn’t roll down the window to get a meal for this man? My five year old is better than you.

Once we got to McDonalds, my son saw his wife asking for the same help and when I asked her what she wanted, she just wanted a drink because she had just eaten and didn’t want the food to go to waste. She wanted a drink. So as you are all in line for you number 1’s and number 5’s, you couldn’t get her a sweet tea? I gave her my coat because I had nothing else to give this woman and that made me sad because she doesn’t have the basic needs that we all must have to feel human.

It makes me so angry that we can just go through life with these pretend blinders on; we all see these people but we choose to automatically be judgmental. I just don’t understand how we can sit there and be douche bags and judge our fellow man. The people we should be judging is ourselves. We should be pointing the finger at our self because we can just so easily pass each other by on the streets.

What ever happened to saying hello to one another on the street or having an actual conversation without being hooked to our phone at the same time? I know we are all guilty of this from time to time; so am I but it’s time that we stop judging each other and stop being giant douches.

If you see someone down on their luck, help them out and buy them a coffee or a sandwich or give them a dollar. What they do with that money isn’t up to you; it’s up to the big man upstairs. I don’t want to be the one who has to answer the question, ‘why didn’t you help your fellow man?’

Take a chance. Take a gamble. Make someone’s day better if only for a moment. And for the love of God, start seeing people with your heart and stop judging them with your mind.

Until next time,

Let’s stop being douches and help each other

Horrible Sounds of the Past 48 Hours

The last 48 hours have been quite stressful over this holiday break. Here is a list, because I like lists, but here is a list of the horrible sounds of vacation:

  1. We have to leave Christmas dinner because Nicholas is sick. Result: no dessert for us.
  2. Nicholas’ temperature is 105.7 and he needs to go to the hospital. Result: Nicholas slept in a hospital wagon while Joe waited till 4am to find out that Nicholas had ‘flu like symptoms but not the flu…’
  3. Giving your son a bath to get his temperature down but then you react with cat-like reflexes because he starts the puking fest. Result: I had to actually clean the bathtub.
  4. Your son sprinting to the bathroom only to barf up all the medicine he took moments ago. Result: you are proud of his sprinting time and more proud that he made it to the toilet.
  5. The horrible sounds of your son asking if you can help him put together his LEGOS. Result: I got to step four in an hour and then had to give up because I was going to burn it. I handed it over to Joe who had to take it apart twice because apparently I can’t follow directions.
  6. When your little girl wants you to play Barbies but she is one Barbie and you are sixty-three other Barbies and fifteen ponies. Result: I don’t have enough high pitched voices to perform on this type of stage and you can only ‘neigh,’ so many times.
  7. When you are playing Barbies and using your imagination to go with the story but instead your daughter says, ‘no… pretend you said this…’ Result: someone just stifled my creativity.
  8. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you hear is the sound of your son dumping out the box of LEGOS. Result: tears.
  9. The whiny, bitch sounds of Calliou in the morning. Result: resisting the urge to burn the tv.
  10. Shortly after waking up, you are asked to be Barbie’s horse… again. Result: well, there is none… I have to go play Barbies now.

Until next time,


The Inn Keeper

So this Inn keeper denies Mary and Joseph, I believe this is what followed after he received the news that she just gave birth to the Son of God…

1) That man drank… a lot.

2) Reservations went down for his Inn.

3) Because of this, all of the animals died because he had no money.

4) He starved because he had nothing to eat because his livestock died… circle of life my friends.

5) People called him ‘Jack,’ short for Jack ass. 

Moral of the Christmas story: be kind to one another because you never know who you might be helping. For example, having the Son of God possibly being born in your Inn… 

Until next time,

Help one another or you will drink too much, your sales will go down, your livestock will die and then you will die… Jack.

Christmas Mass: Getting Back to Our Roots.

This is a list of shenanigans that happened at mass:

1) The offering basket went around but not before Nicholas tried to take out a fist full of money.

2) Emily poked my back and asked me what the bubbles were on my back and I said ‘back fat.’ Then she screamed out, ‘I love your back fat!’

3) Emily looked me straight in my eyes and said, ‘Look at me. I’m Jesus.’

4) During every song Vincent danced but swaying to the song was not his dance. He danced like he was at a rave… all he needed was glow sticks.

5) The priest had a cheery message about a man on drugs who wanted to kill himself but found Jesus instead. Of course this was the first and only sermon Vincent had ever listened to and then alot of questions followed.

6) Emily just kept yelling out about how boring church was and how much she wanted to go home… while spinning in circles.

7) It was fun when my youngest two fought over my lap. With my muffin top, there is less room to sit. There is a whole bench but why sit on the bench when you can partially sit on your mom?

8) I enjoyed when the congregation said the ‘Our Father,’ and Emily tapped me and said, ‘They are saying our prayer!’

9) Emily recognized, ‘Silent Night’ and started singing all angelic and then suddenly turned to me and started singing a heavy metal version.

10) Once church was finally over, Emily turned to Vincent and said, ‘feel my finger. Touch it. Touch my finger… it’s wet.’ So precious. 

Until next time,

Dance like you are raving and pray like you made up the ‘Our Father.’