A Science Convention

First off, going to this convention was like a slim look into hell. I decided that I made the best decision by not being a scientist. I’m just not interested. Here is a list of our ‘fun’ time…

1) Joe made me go to this invention convention where the kids were able to make inventions out of recycled materials and then get a patten on it. Vincent invented a flying car, Nicholas invented an airplane and Emily invented a butterfly. 

They all have pattens so don’t try to steal their ideas.

2) The boys were able to take apart old objects. The boys chose a printer. Emily refused to do it because she had to wear goggles. I think she was more upset that it didn’t go with her outfit.

3) the Franklin Institute came in to show how storms are made. Emily was scared and ran whatever way the wind would carry her… much like the tornado that they were about to create.

4) During our down time, I made an allergist appointment for Vincent. I’m a multitasking.

5) Emily and I had to leave the actual building because she was scared so we went to the car, ate my secret stash of chocolate and played Barbies.

6) Nicholas only would get out of the car if I offered a piggy back and Emily cried about walking- I told her walking was good for the soul.

7) We got to the second part of the convention… oh God, there was more, and Nicholas turned to me and wanted to play Barbies instead of animation. That’s how good this convention was.

8) Nerds. Nerds everywhere. I was afraid they would think I was one of them. Dear God, no.

9) As we passed the parking attendants, one of them told me that I made his day when I said walking was good for the soul. I didn’t think anyone was listening but I’m glad it made his day.

10) Nicholas and Emily spent the time in the car trying to get the airbag light to go off and on.

Can’t get much more fun than this. Oh wait, hot pokers in my eyes would be more fun.

Until next time,

I’m more of a geek.

This blog is dedicated to two of my favorite nerds, Kari and Justin.


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

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