Moving on

So I should start off my blog by saying sorry that I have been away for so long. I see from my stats that some of you have been checking in and reading some old stories… which means you missed me.

The truth is that I have been in a whirlwind of emotions and I have been really depressed because I was laid off from my job and then rehired by the same district to teach at a different high school. And yes, I am super lucky to have a job but I will no longer be teaching Black and White Photography in a darkroom. I know, we are moving to a digital world but I identified myself as a film photography teacher and moving on is hard for me, even if it is right across town.

So this blog is dedicated to all of my current and former students.

So why is moving on so hard?

I am going to miss the reputation that I have built for myself in the ten years that I have been at my school.

I am going to miss my sarcastic comments to you because it made you question if I was being serious or not.

I am going to miss the first time you watched me demonstrate how to process your film for the first time in the black bag and always getting the question, ‘we have to do that without looking?’ It would make me laugh but you all learned and succeeded in my classroom even when you thought you couldn’t.

I am going to miss the first time you opened your developing tank and pulled out your film for the first time and saw that yes, you indeed did take photographs.

I am going to miss how I tried to make you drop my classes and I would go around the classroom with a stack of drop/add forms but no one would take them… or everyone would take them and then I would laugh and laugh.

I am going to miss my ‘Crushed Dreams’ container on my desk and the ping a marble made when I was more witty than you were.

I am going to miss the first time you saw the ‘magic’ of the developer.

I am going to miss how I would be in the Fixer and every time I would tell you that it was the longest two minutes of your life… so how is your day?

I am going to miss telling you on the first day that even though you don’t know everyone yet, we will be one happy photography family by the end of the semester… and we were.

I am going to miss how cold you were from doing the Pinhole camera project in the middle of January and how warm I was because I would stay in my classroom.

I am going to miss how every time you came out of the darkroom, that I would tell you that you had to do a test strip and I had to see it. Every. Time.

I am going to miss smelling like chemicals.

I am going to miss the way you hugged me in the morning and between classes.

I am going to miss how you would come in and know exactly how my day was going because you cared about me.

I am going miss hearing and helping you with your problems.

I am going to miss your laughter.

I am going to miss how you came into my class knowing nothing and how when the semester was over, you became a photographer.

I am going to miss how I changed the way you viewed life through the lens of a camera and how even years down the road, you still view life differently. You have the ability to capture a moment and freeze it forever. Remember that.

Until we meet again,

Class dismissed


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

6 thoughts on “Moving on”

  1. Thank you for being the class I looked forward to everyday in my senior year. Thank you for the problems you helped me solve. You were my favorite teacher and I learned more from you than I could from any teacher. You’re the best.

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  2. Thank you for being more than just a teacher but a mentor. You were able to show me that I was actually good at something when I almost declared that I’d never be good at a single thing. Your class was the only class I looked forward to all throughout high school. Thank you.

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  3. I wondered what was up- I did miss your posts. This post is stellar. I wish I had been as eloquent to write something like this when I retired. I still miss some of the kids and “moments” terribly. The ache in my heart is buffered a bit because many of them are now my friends on FB and I can keep track of them! Best wishes on the new chapter you are starting in your teaching adventure.

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