These Twenty Somethings Suck

Let me tell you why this generation of twenty somethings sucks (and no, not all of you.) It’s because some of you are not hard working. Let me tell you an experience I had yesterday. So, what are you… in your twenties and working at your parents nail salon? Yeah, you have a job because of mommy and daddy. Now let me explain to you why your own flesh and blood should fire your ass.

1) I went in for a manicure and pedicure. Something I never do for myself but I was excited about. And you acted like it was torturous. First off, I don’t have grandma feet and they were just washed so you are welcome on both fronts.

2) You were wearing gloves so it’s not like you were touching my feet anyway… so get a grip and scrub harder.

3) I shaved for you. Do you know what shaving usually means? It means that maybe I will give the public a break when I wear shorts and not have hairier legs than the old man down the street.

4) When you were doing my manicure you were literally face-timing your boyfriend. Are you fucking crazy? You are working… on the floor.

5) Not only were you face-timing but when you couldn’t hear him you would inch closer and say very quietly… ‘what?’ Ummm, do you think I wouldn’t notice that you didn’t do that or that I would just assume that you were crazy?

6) You stopped doing my nails to answer text messages. Whaaaaat?

7) You stopped doing my nails to answer the company phone to make appointments for other clients.

8) Then I got home and was home for an hour and all my nail polish came off! Maybe if you weren’t so busy face-timing, texting and making appointments, you would have done it correctly because I am pretty sure you skipped a few steps.

9) When I went back to get them fixed, you asked me what I did wrong? Me? Yup, I forgot that driving a car and sitting on the couch were strenuous on my fingernails. Jesus, what do you think I was doing? You’re right. I was out in Lancaster helping the Amish raise their new barn you jackass.

10) Then I told you I paid $60 for everything, nails, wax and tip and you stared at me and was like you only paid $42. Listen mother of a douchebag. Regardless, I did not pay $42 for the polish to chip off in an hour. Emily’s Elsa’s polish from Frozen lasts at least a week. So get your mother fucking tiny brush out and fix my nails before I drown you in old pedicure bath water from grandma’s feet.

Until next time,

You are not entitled to something because you grow up and your family owns a business. You are entitled to something because you work hard.

And just a side note, if your boyfriend is ok watching you give other people manicures and pedicures on face-time that is just straight up weird and you guys need to work on what you call ‘quality time.’


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I am a mother of three small children with a wonderful husband. Having children is not as simple as black and white. Having kids is black, white and crazy. I hope you enjoy my blog of my crazy escapades.

4 thoughts on “These Twenty Somethings Suck”

  1. Daaaamn…. Nancy now works at a nail Solon and does all of this and apparently is one of the best, hardest working people there bcshehas people wait 40 minutes for her…. it’s probably bc she had to GRIND to prove herself and is in there with the entitled children that don’t give a shit. Next time you are in Bethany hit her up and she will give you the BEST foot, leg and hand massage along with a mani/pedi sand waxing done right. I kid you not she has come so far and LOVES what she does!


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