The Truth About Romance After Three Kids

Let me start with a background about me and my husband, marriage and pregnancy but I am not going to lie to you… I don’t sugar coat anything.

Marriage may not be for everybody but my husband and I are in a loving relationship. We are best friends and we love our family.

We wanted to start a family shortly after we said ‘I do.’ So many couples out there are in the same boat. Children are wonderful; they can be sweet and cuddly and say how much they love you. So sweet.

However, sometimes children are cute from afar… way afar. My kids are like that sometimes too. My kids look at you with that puppy dog look and you can’t help but love their little faces and as you look deep into their eyes, they sneeze right in your face. Adorable right? Pass a paper towel please.

So yes, marriage can be wonderful and wanting that bundle of joy can make some woman’s ovaries jump. Getting pregnant can be fun… then you are pregnant and life changes.

For me, I loved being pregnant. I could eat whatever I wanted, gain weight and everyone still thought I was cute. Pregnancy changes you. Smells and foods that you once loved turn into aversions so much so that you are watching your loving husband eat barbecue ribs down in Texas while you can only choke down a McDonald’s chicken nugget. Yeah, that was Joe and I; and Joe seemed really concerned as he had barbecue sauce dripping off of his face.

Pregnancy changes you physically too; after three kids my stomach looks like an atlas with all the stretch marks. Always travel with me because God forbid your GPS runs out of batteries, I can get you across the United States by using points on my stomach. My belly button actually has a star on it and says ‘you are here.’

Besides the physical changes, there is also changes in your marriage. Let’s face it. By the time you work all day and take care of your kids, the last thing you are thinking about is sex but hey, you try to keep the romance alive. You do anything to keep the romance alive.

I posted this a few weeks ago on Facebook but since most of you may not be friends with me this is my idea of keeping that sexy bonfire of love going.

The other day Joe was mowing the lawn and I wanted to get his attention and to keep things interesting, I flashed him. Yup, right there in the middle of the day; neighbors out, and I didn’t care. Joe gave me a ‘oooh’ look and chuckled a little bit from my boldness. But hey, anything for that flicker of romance after a long day right? And then I look to my left and my son Nicholas (4 years old), walked in on me while my shirt was up and my boobs were squished up against the glass… at knee level of course because I have three kids. Either way, Nicholas doesn’t say a word and walks over to the window, lifts up his shirt and stands there in front of Joe. If you think that was bad enough, both Emily (3 years old) and Vincent (6 years old) also come over and there we are, all standing at the window, flashing Joe.

Yes. It was awkward but that is the joy of children; life is Black, White and Crazy.

Yours truly,

Midday flasher

Welcome to my life…

So this is my first blog entry.

I have had a lot of friends and family encourage me to go beyond the pages of Facebook and to make my stories available for more people. So here I am… making my first blog.

To start off and to get this blog going, I am going to start adding my favorite moments about raising our three children. Just to give you a little background, my husband Joe and I, have two boys and a girl. Vincent is six, Nicholas is four and Emily is three.

Vincent is our high energy, smart little guy and he can make the other two do whatever he wants. The kid finds loopholes more than an actual lawyer. Sometimes I find that I second guess my decisions because he came up with some way to tell me that I was wrong and then he pulls out a PowerPoint presentation and shows me all the ways he is right.

Nicholas is shy, unless he is being led by Vincent. He is smart and funny but also very sneaky. The kid can pick pocket my phone or steal dinner from the counter when I am trying to prepare it. So he is clever or a kleptomaniac but hey, we’ll see what happens in ten years.

Emily is like our princess. Drama with a crown. She is adorable and cuddly but will get down and hang out with her brothers. She likes shoes. I just found that out yesterday at daycare. I like food. And pajamas.

So this is just a preview of what is to come. Pass on the humor and tell people about the blog of a crazy mom and her family.

Hang tight because having kids is Black, White And Crazy.

Yours truly,

A mom that keeps it real.